Parents of 12 Palestinians (Israeli-Arabs) killed in October 2000 by Israeli police, in demonstrations in solidarity with the Palestinians in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, called the resident of Nazareth to reject the visit by the former Israeli Prime Minister Ihud Barak, planned to Monday afternoon.

The 12 young men were killed when Barak was in office.

They also invited the public in Nazareth to join the demonstration at the industrial zone in the city, where Barak will be visiting.

Barak’s visit to Nazareth is part of his campaign to persuade the Arabs in Israel to vote for him in the upcoming Labor party elections.

Barak is planning to run for office in the coming General elections in Israel.

‘The bereaved families committee decided to prevent this criminal to disgrace our city, as people like him do not have a space in Nazareth, but in prison.  The families vow to chase this criminal every where until he is punished,’ the families said in their statement.

The statement added that Barak is not only responsible for the killing of those in October 2000, but also responsible on the death of thousands of Arabs and specially Palestinians.

‘We think it is wired that such criminal is free and unquestioned in ‘The free and democratic world’ at a time people like him are being tried for war crimes at The Hague,’ the statement read.