An Israeli army spokesperson said shell fired into Lebanese territory on Monday morning was accidental. 

The spokeswoman said, army units were trying to blow up mines claimed to be planted by Hezbollah fighters near a military border post.

She said, soldiers had been trying to fire shells at the mines to neutralize them as the army believes it is dangerous to send sappers to the border area.

‘One of the rounds fell by mistake in Lebanese territory, very close to the international border. It fell in open territory and there was no damage or injuries,’ she said.

Details of the incident had been passed on to the Lebanese government via United Nations peacekeepers, the spokeswoman added. The shell caused no casualties or damage.

Tension on the Israeli-Lebanese borders is mounting, especially after Hezbollah managed to fly a drone in Israeli sky above the northern borders.

Despite Israel’s unilateral withdrawal from the southern Lebanon in May 2000, Hezbollah reiterated stance that as long as there is an occupied land, resistance will continue. Israel did not withdraw from the Shiba farms.