The Israeli Foreign Minister, Sylvan Shalom, called on Monday for barring Hamas from participating in the Palestinian Legislative elections. 

“If the elections are held on July 17, Hamas will definitely win”, Shalom said.

The Israeli online daily Haaretz reported that Shalom said that ‘it is illogical to proceed with disengagement and hand the Gaza Strip and north of the West Bank to the P.A claiming that this will increase the influence of Hamas.

The statements of Shalom came after a meeting with the Palestinian minister of Interior, Nasser Yousef.

“We should reject any participation of Hamas in the Palestinian political system”, Shalom added.

Meanwhile, Yousef said that the elections will be held in accordance to the Road Map plan, and the Oslo agreement signed between Israel and the Palestinian Liberation Organization in 1993.

Yousef also accused Israel of not implementing the Sharm al=Sheikh Understandings.

Haaretz also reported that Shalom met with European ambassadors on Monday and told them that they should not negotiate with Hamas claiming that this will collapse the P.A.