Israeli sources reported on Wednesday that teams of diplomats from the U.S. and the U.N. are drafting proposals for understandings upon which Israel withdraws from the occupied Shiba Farms, if approved by Lebanon and Israel.

According to these understandings the Lebanese resistance groups including Hezbollah will disarm in exchange of the withdrawal.

The Shiba farms are occupied in 1967, when the West Bank, Gaza Strip, Golan Heights and the Sinai were occupied.

Haaretz reported that Terje Rod Larsen, the UN commissioner to the Middle East, met over the last few days with representatives of the Lebanese government and informed them that will UN recognizes the Lebanese sovereignty over the farms under an agreement between Lebanon and Syria; such an agreement should be approved by the Parliaments of the two countries.  

Among these proposals, is to declare Shiba farms and arms-free zone with International forces in it under the U.N. supervision.

The proposals do not tackle the occupied Golan Heights, but delays it until the Shiba farms is solved.

The U.N. decided that the Shiba Farms is part of the Golan Heights, which means that it is an occupied land.

Lebanon objected this resolution and filed a petition saying this land is Lebanon.

The United Nations rejected the Lebanese motion although includes documents to prove Lebanese ownership of the Shiba farms.

Lebanon considers Hezbollah as a liberation movement and not only an armed militia; therefore it should not be disarmed in accordance to the decision Nr. 1559 of the Security Council which calls for disarming the militias.

After the Israeli withdrawal from Lebanon in 2000, the UN recognized Israel’s claim that the farms are Syrian, and an essential part of the Golan Heights.

Larsen, during his meeting with Lebanese officials, said that he pointed out during a meeting with the Syrian Foreign Minister Farouk Shara, that the farms are part of Syrian, and Shara’ did not contradict his words.

Israel and the US are trying to reach an understanding to demilitarize the Sheba farms area, or having a UN force moving in, Haaretz stated.

“The Lebanese border will remain the same, without any changes, while Israeli borders go through the Golan beyond the Shiba farms area.