Israeli peace activists displayed dozens of posters of Palestinian children killed by the army during the past four years around Tel Aviv on Wednesday. 

The Anarchist Committee to Remember the Forgotten group distributed the pictures to “remind Jewish residents of Israel of the losses whose names are not mentioned on Memorial Day”, a group source said. 

“This day does not represent me. The connection between Memorial Day and Independence Day is cynical because the people who died in the wars have nothing to do with independence. Even the War of Independence was a war about creating a country based on prejudiced and non-democratic principles”, the source Added.

One of the posters showed two children from the village of Beit Likiya, Jamal A’asi, 14, and Waudi A’asi, 15, who had been killed by Israeli troops during a soccer game.

 “We remember” in Arabic and Hebrew were written on all displayed pictures.

Another poster of Palestinian children read: “The Israeli terror forces shot tear gas and rubber-coated bullets at them for protesting the uprooting of their olive groves and stealing of their land. Hundreds of Palestinians have been injured in such demonstrations, including 150 children.”