Palestinians are planning to mark Israel’s Independence Day, which coincides with Nakbe day, by sounding a siren throughout the West Bank and Gaza Strip as an expression of mourning. Palestinians will stand for a minute of silence to commemorate Nakbe (catastrophe) day.

‘We will sound a siren for one minute in all our areas to express our grief on this painful occasion,’ Zakariya al-Agha, head of the PLO’s refugee department said. 

Agha said a special committee had been established to prepare for a series of events to highlight Palestinian refugees right to return, including major rallies in Ramallah and Gaza City. 

Leaders of various factions issued a statement on Tuesday, saying there would be no peace with Israel unless all the refugees are allowed to return to the original homes.

‘We call on our masses in the homeland and the diaspora to mark this painful occasion by making it clear to the world and the occupation that the issue of the refugees is the core of the conflict and that there would be no solution without their return home in line with United Nations resolution 194,’ the statement said.