In memoriam of the 57th anniversary of the Nakbe ‘cataclysm’ the Society for Defending the rights of refugees is holding a procession of ‘return to Housha and Al-Kasayer’ villages, in Shfa-Amr, Thursday May 12, 2005.

The procession which became an annual event over the last eight years is conducted in participation with the residents of the two villages, Israeli peace groups, and thousands of residents from several areas.

The planned procession will carry the names of hundreds of Palestinian destroyed and evacuated villages, and confirming the Right of Return guaranteed by Security Council resolution Nr. 194.

Over the last eight years, the society held procession on the same day of the “Israeli Independence’, confirming the direct link between the Israeli independence and the Palestinian cataclysm and Diaspora, after thousands of residents were forced out of their villages, and the thousands who were killed and expelled from their own lands.

“We the residents, the refugees, look with great bitterness and sadness at out mosques and churches which were destroyed and silenced after we were expelled, the graves of our ancestors are calling upon us, and upon the human conscious over the last 57 years”, the statement said.

Also, the statement added, “We hereby renew our vows to reject alternate solutions and compensations, and call upon our people, to participate in the activities of the memoriam and defend our rights”

The statement presented the following program;

1. Local and popular institutions will hold visitations to the villages on Thursday 12/5/2005, during morning hours.

2. Thursday 12/5/2005, we will hold our procession in the villages of Housha, and Al-Kasayer.

The eights procession will  be held on Thursday, at 15:30, after it was arranged with residents of the two villages, political and social movements, in addition to Arab and Israeli organizations and institutions,  confirming out steadfastness and our right of return.