The Orthodox sect in Palestine slams the approval of the Palestinian Authority and the Jordanian Government on assigning a deputy Patriarch in Jerusalem.

Marwan Tubasi, member of the council for Arab Orthodox Organizations in Palestine said, the Palestinian orthodox congregation has several demands prior to electing a new patriarch.

Stressing the need for Palestinian representatives in running the Arab Orthodox church, Tubasi demanded that Arab priests to be added to the synod, then convening the joint council to elect a new Patriarch under the supervision of the council and the Palestinian ministry of interior.

He said that such a step is also needed to use the property of the church for the good of the Palestinians and to support the Christian and Arab presence in Palestine.

Tubasi’s statements came during a conference held at the Palestine Media Center in Ramallah.  The conference discussed the latest sales of property in Jerusalem and Bethlehem.

Attorney Nabil Mshahwar, member of the council that the reason why these sales took place is the fact that the Patriarchate violated the law, stressing the need to Arab presence in the church leading body.

The Orthodox Church in Jerusalem decided to dismiss Patriarch Irineuos after proving his involvement in selling church property in the old city of Jerusalem to Jewish investors.