Israeli president Moshe Katsav said Wednesday that Israelis should realize that the international community will not be satisfied with the planned disengagement plan, and will demand further Israeli withdrawals from Palestinian territories.

In an interview with Israeli Radio Monday, Katsav stated that the “western world is currently staying quiet because they do not want any obstacles in implementing disengagement…but they will expect further withdrawals”.

Katsav refused to comment on whether US president George Bush informed him of the US position during the Moscow meeting this week.

60 leaders met in Moscow celebrating the 60th anniversary of Allied triumph over the Nazi army in World War II.

Katsav added that Israel should apologize to the evacuated settlers saying that the settlers “…went to the settlements on the orders of the Israeli government, and its encouragement, now the government wants to evacuate them”.

Katsav called on the settlers not to incite or encourage any violent acts during disengagement, and said that settlers will have an important role in setting the eastern borders of Israel.