The Palestinian legislative council committee formed last month to investigate the state of Chaos in the Palestinian Authority areas released Monday its findings, considering lack of political well as the major reason behind the state of anarchy.

The report calls for the resignation of the Palestinian Cabinet, for ending attacks inside Israel, and for holding general elections.

‘The main reason for the failure of the Palestinian security forces and their lack of action in restoring law and order is the total lack of a clear political decision and no definition of their roles, either for the long term or the short.’ The report stated.

The PLC 5-members committee interviewed dozens of PA political and security officials. Some of the testimonies accused the PA leadership with failing to build state institutions and using instead a clan mechanism.

The report accused the National Security Council with failing to set a security strategy, calling for defining in law the role of security forces.

The report calls on Palestinian President Yasser Arafat ‘to use his authority to issue immediate orders to end all the dangerous activity taking place in the Gaza Strip by some of the commanders and men of the armed security forces intimidating the citizenry, creating chaos and harming the supreme interests of the Palestinian people.’

The PLC committee started its investigations in early July following a series of kidnappings, angry demonstrations, and attacks on PA institutes. Committee member legislator Nabil Amr was shot in the leg inside his home in Ramallah.

The committee held back publishing its final report until things had calmed down on the Palestinian side.

Palestinian sources reported that former PA security affairs minister Mohammed Dahlan, who was accused by Arafat aids with inflaming the crisis, is due to meet with Arafat in few days.