Medical sources in Hebron report that four schoolchildren suffocated after inhaling gas fired by the Israeli army during clashes that erupted after an incursion into the Hebron-area village of Doura.

A local source in Hebron reports that the soldiers conducted military searches of homes and fired live ammunition and gas canisters at dozens of residents, including schoolchildren, during clashes following invasion of the village.

The WAFA News Agency reported that military bulldozers mounted sand hills in several streets, completely blocking them, and installed roadblocks on the main roads.

WAFA stated that soldiers searched more than 40 homes in the village after invading it overnight, and used several homes as monitoring towers after forcing the residents out. Damage to the homes was also reported.


Also, Israeli soldiers invaded the village of al-Sammoa’, south of Hebron and conducted military searches of homes.

Basem al-Za’ayeer, head of the village council, reported that soldiers broke into dozens of homes and caused damage to several cars parked in the streets.