The Israeli security, Shabak, prevented parents of Khamees abu Aser, from
Gaza, from moving him to an Egypt hospital, after sustaining a critical injury to his head.

Khamees was injured as a result of an explosion which occurred in his home.

Abu Aser was injured two months ago in his head, causing complete paralysis, and a coma after sustaining fractions in his head, fragmentations penetrated his brain forcing parts of it out.

The parents of abu Aser decided to transfer him to Egypt, contacted the Palestinian Ministry of Health and several humanitarian organizations including Israeli institutions in Jerusalem.

After obtaining the needed permit from the Israeli authorities, the family attempted to transfer their son to Egypt, but after passing through the Rafah Border Crossing and arriving near the Egyptian side, the Israeli security stopped the ambulance and told Morjan, the father of Khamees, to take his son back to the Gaza Strip.

The family, and in spite of their efforts, had to transfer their son back to the Gaza Strip, contacted humanitarian organizations including al-Quds center for Human Rights in Jerusalem, and managed to obtain a permit to transfer their son to Egypt, yet when they transferred him, the Israeli authorities rejected to allow them through.

The family appealed humanitarian organizations to interfere and aide them in order to transfer their son to Egypt in an attempt to stop the deterioration of his health condition.

Khamees is not involved with any resistance group, was never arrested by the Israel army, which contradicts the Israeli claims that he is involved in attacks against Israel.

Israeli claims that Khamees was preparing explosives which detonated while he was preparing them.