With no body noticing, the problem of Palestinian refugees’ rights was solved around ten years ago. Israeli Prime minister Ariel Sharon is busy right now to save Israel the damage caused by refugees’ return.

To do so, the genius premier had approved a new Israeli citizenship law that would prevent more “refugees” from returning through marriage and family reunification gate.

Sharon didn’t forget to hold Israeli left responsible for the disaster he is trying to prevent, noting that while in the 2000 Camp David talks, Israel offered allowing 100,000 refugees back into Israel, since Oslo was signed around 200,000 Palestinians returned to Israel through holes in the Israeli citizenship law.

How was it possible for Palestinian refugees to flood Israel? “Through marrying Israeli women” answers Mr. Genius. “Israeli Arab women were their Trojan horse.”

After figuring out the solution for territorial division, presenting his remarkable plan of “what is ours is ours and half of theirs is ours, and after wining the approval of the American Administration to it, Sharon started playing again with arithmetic.

The formula is simple: assume that each year of the 38 years of Israeli administration of the West bank and the Gaza strip 600 marriages took place across the green line, and take into account the high birth rate among “Arabs” [family number average to seven] there will be right now in Israel an extra 200,000 Israeli Arabs.

Conclusion: right of return for Palestinian refugees has been accomplished.

The entire world is standing on toes to see how the Middle East genius would figure out the Arithmetic for Jerusalem. When this is figured out, the final status solution to the Palestinian problem is reached.

Peace will prevail and all will live happily for ever.