Monday afternoon, an Israeli military source reported that that a Palestinian youth was arrested near the Gush Atzion settlement bloc, west of Bethlehem.

According to the army report, the youth was walking two hundred meters away from a military post, near Gush Atzion, carrying a bag which had two wires hanging out.

Soldiers attacked the youth, stripped his clothes off, and searched him.

Israeli army spokesperson released to contradicting statements on the event; first statement reported that the youth was carrying a fake bomb, which was composed of a car battery and some wires, while the second report revealed that after the soldiers searched the youth, they found an artificial explosive belt.

The youth was transferred for interrogation; army claims that resistance groups sent him as a “bate” to test the readiness of the soldiers”.

Soldiers closed the street for three hours barring the residents from using it and conducted military searches, no additional arrests were made.