Palestinenet news website reported that Israeli soldiers informed residents of Khazza’a area in Khan Younis, who live near the Kissufim settlement road, to store food enough for twenty days.

Apparently the residents will not be allowed out of their homes during the disengagement period taking in consideration that the Kissufim settlement road is the main road which links the Gush Katif settlement Bloc with Israel.

A local source in Khazza’a reported that soldiers informed the families of abu Haddaf and al-Sameery, living near the Kissufim settlement road, to store food and refrain from leaving their homes for twenty days.

The residents were also given the mobile phone number of a senior army official to contact him in case of emergency.

Recently the army removed equipment from a military camp in Naveh Dkalim settlement, removed agricultural barracks and caravans from Moragh settlement, and started the evacuation process of a military camp on the Coastal Road near Netzarim settlement.