The Israeli police reported on Wednesday at night, that pullout opponents blocked segment of Tel Aviv highway, burnt tires and managed to block major traffic.

“Pullout opponents burnt tires along the central Tel Aviv segment of the Tel Aviv highway”, Israeli police said.

Also, the police reported earlier on Wednesday, that it found 60 tires hidden in northern Tel Aviv neighborhood, apparently intended for future protests.

The police believe that the discovery of the tires “would prevent a planned demonstration”.

The Israeli online daily ynetnews reported that most of the protestors fled the area after the police and fire department units arrived, the Israeli police was unable to conduct any arrests.

According to police reports, the road was completely blocked for ten minutes until it was reopened.

Last week, the Israeli police arrested 300 demonstrators after blocking some 40 intersections and roads in several areas, but still, the police was unable to prevent major traffic jams.