The Israeli Knesset has decided to form a parliamentary committee of inquiry into corruption cases in the government that has been increasing lately.

The sponsor of the measure, the National Union MK Arye Eldad, has been calling in particular for a probe of the affairs of Prime Minister Ariel Sharon.

The proposal was approved in an 11-10 vote as most coalition members did not attend the vote, especially Likud disengagement foes MKs.

Eldad said corruption among the country’s top leaders had only heightened feeling that the country was "sinking deep in mud."

He said Israel’s Prime Minister Ariel Sharon was "corrupting the country," and was the "most corrupt prime minister that the country has ever seen."

The Israeli newspaper Ma’ariv published an article showing the extent of corruption among top Israeli leaders including Sharon.

This move is still in danger of not being implemented since the proposal needs to be brought again before the Knesset plenum before the committee is established, which could provide an opportunity for the coalition to mobilize to reject the move.