The Palestinian National Authority began a process of recruiting additional 5000 Palestinian policemen to ensure a smooth Israeli withdrawal from the Gaza Strip.

According to the Israeli online daily, Haaretz, Israel recently urged the P.A to ensure a smooth withdrawal without any attacks by the Palestinian resistance while the army evacuates settlements and military basis during the mid-August withdrawal.

A senior Israeli military source said that cooperation with the P.A during pullout will be a good opening for future cooperation and ties between the two sides.

Palestinian Interior Ministry spokesman, Taefiq abu Khousa, told Reuters on Saturday that the P.A opened the door to enlist additional 5000 policemen and members of the National Security force.

“These forces will be joining the Palestinian security services and prepare for the planned Israeli withdrawal”, abu Khousa said.

The police will receive 45 days training, but they will be unarmed during pullout since the P.A security in Gaza in short of weapons; abu Khousa urged Israel to allow them to be armed.

Meanwhile, Palestinian Interior Minister, Gen. Nasser Yousef, met recently with the Israeli defense Minister, Shaul Mofaz, to discuss the coordination of the withdrawal.

On Friday, Hamas leaders pledged for the first time that their resistance fighters will not attack withdrawing Israeli troops during the planned evacuation of the Gaza Strip.

The leaders said that there is ‘no point of attacking the army while its leaving the occupie territories.