Monday afternoon, Israeli soldiers bulldozed the main entrance of al-Nu’man village, east of Bethlehem in order to construct the Separation Wall section which will surround the village from all directions.

Jamal Dar’awy, head of al-Nu’man village council, said that soldiers bulldozed and destroyed the main and only entrance leading to the village, which transformed it into an isolated area.

“When the work is done, the residents will not be able to reach the surrounding areas, and Bethlehem, if the residents want to reach Beit Sahour, or Bethlehem, they have to walk through a very hilly path, on foot for 3km”, Dar’awy said.

Al-Nu’man village is inhibited by 200 residents, the residents owned 5000 Dunams before Jerusalem municipality annexed the lands in an attempt to force them out, and annex the area without its residents to Jerusalem.

Al-Nu’man is only several kilometers to the east of Beit Sahour, the Israeli army started to construct the separation wall around it two years ago, since its located on a hill neighboring Sur Baher village near Jerusalem, and Har Homa settlement (Jabal abu Ghneim) which was annexed by Jerusalem municipality from residents of Beit Sahour.