An Israeli source reported on Tuesday that settlers of Ghanim and Kadim settlements, north of the West Bank, are interested in moving to Wadi A’ara area, north of the country.

According to the Israeli “Walla” website, several settlers visited Hareesh settlement in Wadi A’ara to check the possibilities of moving over there.

Also, the Israeli online daily Haaretz reported that extremist right wing settlers installed an outpost in a hotel in Naveh Dkalim settlement in the Gaza Strip.

Haaretz added that 15 families and 20 young settlers moved to the outpost and placed guards on the entrances of the hotel baring entry to it.

Most of the settlers came from West Bank settlements, including members of the outlawed Kach movement, such as Itamar Bin Gear, and Barouch Mirzil.

An Israeli security source said that the security establishment fears that the settlers will use the hotel as a center for protests during disengagement.

The Israeli security is weighing the possibility of removing the settlers from the hotel before implementing disengagement.