Tuesday afternoon, settlers of the Ramat Yeshai illegal settlement outpost in the center of Hebron, attacked dozens of residents and homes in the city.

Raja’ Abu Aisha, a resident of Hebron, said that settlers attacked her grandfather, Mohammad, 75, while he was heading back home, causing several injuries, while the army, did not attempt to stop them.

Abu Aisha added that settlers attacked several homes and hurled stones at them and the residents, damage reported.

Monday evening, settlers attacked dozens of homes in Tal Rmeida neighborhood in Hebron, and hurled stones and iron bars, damage reported, no injuries.

The attacked homes belong to the families of abu Aisha, and abu Haikal.

In Wad al-Nassarah neighborhood, which is located near Keryat Arba’ settlement, in Hebron, settlers attacked dozens of residents and attempted to bar them from using certain streets.

Settlers repeatedly tried to bar the residents from using the road which links the Ibrahimi Mosque with Keryat Arba’ settlement, and claimed that this road is only designated for them.