Israeli soldiers started constructing a military camp on Palestinian owned lands in Jabal Johar, east of Hebron.

A local source in Hebron said that military gear, armored jeeps and vehicles, and other materials were brought to the area on Tuesday evening and Wednesday morning and stationed in the new camp, in an area which was grabbed by the army since the beginning of the Intifada in 2000.

The lands, 5000 Dunams, belong to the family of abu Rajab.

Also, soldiers bulldozed several fields around the new camp, and surrounded it with barbed wires and sand hills.

The new camp overlooks at the center of Hebron, its old city, al-Takroory Mountain, and abu Sneina neighborhood.
Moreover, the camp is only several meters away from a primary school and a mosque, which endagers teh loves of the children and residents especially during military trainings. 
The residents fear that the bulldozing and the new camp will be the beginning of a new wave of annexations of their lands to be used for military purposes, which will increase the suffering of the people, especially school students on their way to school or back from it. 

Also, the camp will monitor the daily activities of the residents and limit their free movement between different sections of the city.