For the third time, a Druze refusenik youth identified as Wisam Qabalan from Beit Dajan Druze village, was imprisoned after ejecting military service.

Qabalan was sentenced to seven days after rejecting to serve in the Israeli army for conscious, national and humanitarian standards.

In April 2005, Qabalan was sentenced for the first time to 29 consecutive days after rejecting military service for the same principles, and then he was sentenced in May for the second time to 21 days.  

“I am proud to reject the military service, this army commits crimes against the Palestinians in the occupied territories, I prefer to be imprisoned rather than serving in a brutal army, I don’t want to pollute myself with this military uniform”, Qabalan said.

Qabalan added that he was “born to live as a human” and not as a soldier in an army “which professions killing, destruction and violating human rights, I will not be a soldier in an army which kills children”.

Qabalan is slated to meet with special military committee to present his position and reasons behind his rejection, which he considers “a medal of honor”.