The International Solidarity for Human Rights prepared and published a report which documents the Israeli military violations in the occupied territories, and the internal Palestinian situation.

The report revealed that soldiers killed 18 residents in May, 10 were killed in the West Bank and 8 in the Gaza Strip, 90 residents were injured, most of them were shot wounded, and several residents were physically attacked by settlers and soldiers.

 Also, the report revealed that soldiers arrested 170 residents, including 60 residents who were arrested in Nablus and Hebron.

The report also stated that 34 detainees out of the 400 detainees who were released have only less that one month left to finish their terms, 111 detainees have 1-6 months left, 52 have less than 6-12 months left, 65 have 1-2 years left, 45 have 4-5 years left, 18 have 5-6 years left, 15 have 6-7 years left, 4 have 8 years left, and one administrative detainee was released.

Two residents, identified as Sami abu Mosbeh, 23, and Mazin Ayed, 22, were killed in Gaza when explosives left by the army detonated near them. Eight residents were injured in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip by explosives left by the army.

The Israeli army leveled 13 Palestinian homes in May, and dozens of agricultural barracks, the homes and barracks were leveled after the army claimed that they were illegally constructed, and in order to build the separation wall. Most of the leveled constructions were in Tammoun, Ithna, Yatta, Rommana, Aneen, and Bir Nibala.

Also, Israeli authorities decided to level 88 homes in al-Bustan neighborhood in Silwan, near Jerusalem; the Jerusalem municipality claims that the homes, which were built prior the 1967 war, are constructed over an archeological location.

 Military checkpoints and roadblocks remained closed in most of the Palestinian areas, hundreds of residents and vehicles, including sick residents, were not allowed passage.

The army annexed in May thousands of Dunams in order to construct the Separation Wall in the West Bank.

10 residents were killed by Palestinians in acts of revenge, or family conflicts and the so called ‘honor crimes’, the last resident who was killed was Sameer al-Ranteesy, 42, who was killed at home by unknown masked men; the motivations remained unclear.