Dozens of residents, international and Israeli peace activists protested against the Separation Wall, and around Ariel settlement, in the West Bank city of Salfit.

The Popular Committee Against the Wall, in Salfit, organized the protest in participation with hundreds of residents, international and Israeli peace activists.

Members of the International Solidarity movement, International Women for Peace, were actively present at the protest.

Dr. Ahmad Majdlani, Palestinian Minister in charge of settlements and Wall file, said that the Wall and settlement should be removed since peace is built “without settlements and military camps”.

The protestors chanted slogans against the Separation Wall and settlements, and expressed their rejection to the Israeli policy which bars the residents from reaching their orchards.

Clashes erupted between the protestors and Israeli soldiers who attempted to bar them from reaching a Wall construction site, and fired concussion grenades, gas bombs and rubber coated bullets, no injuries were reported.

The WAFA news agency reported that one soldier was injured in his face during the clashes.