A Fatah source said Friday that four of the sons of a killed collaborator, where involved in the killing of Sheikh Ali Faraj, a Fatah leader and the head of Islamic Waqf in the Northern West Bank region, and his brother Husam, who heads the Fatah movement in the village of Talfit.

On Friday at noon, a group of armed men in a big lorry blocked the way of a car in which Sheikh Faraj and his brother were riding, and then opened fire, killing Faraj and his brother Husam before fleeing the scene.

Sheikh Faraj died on spot, his brother died later after being moved to a Nablus Hospital in a critical condition.

The same source said that the identity of the four is known to the movement and the PA police, and that it took place on the bases of tribal revenge taking, as the father of the four was killed during the 1987 Intifada on suspicions of collaborating with Israeli intelligence services.          

Fatah warned the assailants- referred to as the sons of A A- that their crime will not pass without punishment, calling the Palestinian Authority to use the capital punishment against them.