The Islamic resistance movement, Hamas, slammed a decision by Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas in which he cancelled the date set for the parliamentary elections.  Hamas said the decision is a violation of the cease-fire agreement, however did not hint to pulling out of the declared calm.

Hamas spokesman Sami Abu Zuhri said the group ‘rejects the decision to call off the election,’ adding that it was taken without consultation with Hamas.
‘We consider this decision as a violation for all the Palestinian understandings and national agreements,’ he added, referring to the cease-fire agreement.
Abu Zuhri said Abbas ordered the delay because the ruling Fatah party is not prepared for the election, which had been scheduled July 17.
Hamas, who decided to take part in these elections, is expected to make a strong showing similar to the local elections.
Abbas has issued a public decree in which he declared the delay of the elections without setting new date.
Palestinian sources said, the main purpose for the delay is to allow time to resolve a dispute over proposed reforms to the voting law. He said a new date for the election would be given in a future announcement.