Palestinian gunmen of the Fateh Hawks group reopened on Sunday the road which leads to the Rafah Border Crossing, after closing it for two days in protest to not assigning them to the P.A security devices.

The road was closed by twenty armed men barring Palestinian officials from reaching the crossing.
The group threatened to escalate their procedures if the P.A does not fulfill their demands, employ them in its devices, and pay their delayed salaries which they didn’t receive over the last three months.
Nassim al-Farra, the media spokesperson of the Fatah Hawks, said that the demands of the group were approved during a meeting with Kayed al-Ghoul, head of the Central Command at the P.A security.
Al-Farra added that the behaviors of the members are unacceptable, but they wanted to deliver a massage to P.A officials that they have the right to be employed at the P.A devices.
Meanwhile, a Palestinian security official in the southern Gaza Strip said that the security devices received direct orders to fire at the gunmen if needed.
Dozens of P.A security men, policemen, and members of the Preventive security were present near the gunmen in an attempt to prevent any steps which could lead to a military action.
Palestinian security devices in the southern Gaza Strip held a meeting on Monday in order to study the demands of the gunmen, amidst the threats against P.A officials, especially after they threatened to fire at their cars if their demands aren’t met.  
The Palestinian Ministry of interior and the National Security considered blocking the road which leads to the crossing as uncivilized, and condemned the attempts of teh Fateh Hawks to implement their ‘own law’.
The ministry said that it is conducting their utmost efforts to maintain law and order in the Palestinian territories.
Tawfik abu Khousa, the media spokesperson of the ministry of interior said that security and order in the Palestinian areas is the responsibility of the P.A devices and the residents, in order to achieve a democratic society.  
In a separate incident, armed men broke into the Nablus Governor office, Mohammad al-Aloul, and demanded him to employ them.   
At least 15 armed men, members of al-Aqsa brigades, the military wing of Fatah, fired rounds of live ammunition near the office of al-Aloul, and broke into the Ministry of Interior in the city.
One employee was mildly injured; al-Aqsa brigades’ fighters said that the employee was injured by accident, and evacuated from the governor’s office after the Palestinian police was called to the scene.