Primary results for the Parliament elections in Lebanon show that the coalition of Hezbollah and The Shiite Amal movement, swept most of the seats in the southern Lebanon area.

These elections are the first after the pullout of the Syrian troops from Lebanon after 29 years of continuous presence.
Many Lebanese regard voting for Hezbollah is like a vote for keeping the weapon of the party as a way to resist the Israeli occupation to Shaba’a farms, which is still occupied after the Israeli withdrawal in May 2000.
One of the voters, Zeinab Yassin said, ‘I will vote for Hezbollah because they liberated the south from Israel,’ adding, ‘We own them our blood.’
Apparently, Hezbollah and Amal have popularity and support among Sunneh Moslems as well.  In the southern town of Saida, the coalition won the two seats.  In the election campaign, the coalition banners and posters carried word such as, ‘Your vote is resistance’ and ‘Your vote is a bullet in the enemy’s chest.’
The elections will be held on four stages to be carried out on Sundays until June 19, in which the Lebanese people will choose 128 lawmakers for their parliament.  Hezbollah has 12 seats in the current parliament.
There was a flimsy turnout on the polling stations.  The voting turnout was around 45% only.
Hezbollah and Amal coalition, the two biggest Shiite groups in Lebanon won 6 seats so far.  It is expected that the coalition will win most of  the 23 seats dedicated for the southern Lebanon. 
The new parliament will have to decide on two vital issues for the Lebanese.
The Parliament has to decide on whether to disarm Hezbollah and on the fate of the Lebanese President Emil Lahoud.
Next Sunday, the vote will be held in Middle and East Lebanon, and is expected to be the hottest stage of the four.