Tuesday afternoon, three residents, including one reporter, were injured, and two others were arrested after Israeli soldiers attacked a peaceful procession against the Separation Wall in al-Ramadeen village, south of Hebron.

Hundreds of residents, and peace activists, peacefully marched on Tuesday afternoon against the separation wall south west of the village while the army resumed the construction of the wall uprooting, and destroying farmlands which belong to the residents.
The protestors chanted slogans against the wall and the occupation, and carried Palestinian flags.   A medical source in Hebron reported that Khalil Mohammad Freihat, 33, and Ghalib al-Zagharna, were badly bruised to several parts of their bodies after soldiers attacked them during the protest.   Also, Hazim Bader, 34, a Reuters’ cameraman, was injured in his back by a concussion grenade fired by the army.   
Soldiers attempted to bar the residents, and international activists, from reaching the construction site, faired gas bombs and concussion grenades, and attacked them with clubs and with the back of the machine guns. The WAFA news agency reported that Mousa abu Sabha, member of the Palestinian Legislative Council, was also attacked by the soldiers along with dozens of residents and peace activists who protested against the construction of the Wall.  
Two residents identified as Imad Sha’our. 40, and Mohammad Khajadmah, 42, were arrested during the protest, and transferred to a neighboring military camp. Legislative Council member Mousa abu Sabha, described the attack against the peaceful protest as ‘barbaric’, and added that the separation wall is a ‘catastrophe’ to the residents since its uprooting their only source of livelihood, and bars them from reaching what is left of their lands.      
Ismail Ghanyim, member of the National committee Against the Wall, said that the residents will continue their protests in several Palestinian areas, and reject the separation wall and annexation policies used by the Israeli government. 
Two residents, one child arrested near Heron
Tuesday morning, Israeli soldiers arrested two residents in the village of al- Ramadeen, near Hebron, after attempting to stop military bulldozers from uprooting their farmlands in order to construct the Separation Wall section in the area.
Dozens of residents, and three international peace activists stood in front of the military bulldozers in an attempt to stop the leveling of the fields, and confronted with soldiers who attempted to move them by force. Israeli police and border guard units attacked the protestors and arrested the two residents. 
Earlier on Tuesday, soldiers arrested earlier on Tuesday a 14-years-old female child in al-Ramadeen area. A source at al-Ramadeen village council reported, Ni’ma al-Naqayra, 14, was with her family in their land near Sinsana settlement, when soldiers attacked them and arrested her. Al-Naqayra was transferred to a military camp in Be’er Shiva; army did not specify any reason for her arrest.