Several detainees in Bir Shiva detention, said Friday that they are facing hard conditions and cruel treatments by the soldiers, in addition to other humiliating measures taken against them.

The detainees said that soldiers are forcing them to take their clothes of before inspection, in addition to humiliating and insulting them.

Detainee Ashraf Abdul-Qader told the lawyer of the Palestinian Prisoners Society, Fatten Al-Oseiby, that the detainees are facing unbearable conditions and procedures imposed on them by the soldiers in addition to insufficient and bad Quality of food provided to them.

Thaer Al-Kurd, one of Bir Shiva detainees, appealed to the Red Cross to intensify its visits to Bir Shiva detention camp, and added that the situation there is very bad, and that there are several sick prisoners who are in immediate need for medical attention.

In Qadumim and Huwwara detention camps, lawyers of the Prisoner Society, Jamal Abteely, and Adnan Abu Laila, said after visiting the detainees, that they are deprived of the basic needs and rights, such as providing them with cleaning materials in addition to the bad insufficient food, lack of toilet paper, lack of team razor blades, soap and other basic materials.

The detainees also complained that soldiers are continuously forcing them to stand against the walls for long periods raising their hands up.

More over, the detainees complained of forced confessions especially against young detainees after beating them and threatening them of sever punishment and rape in some cases.

It is worth mentioning that Qadumim detention includes 10 detainees under the age of 18.

Several cases of skin disease were reported since the cells are filled with bugs, gnats and rats.

Several detainees in Atzion detention camp, told lawyer Jacquelyn Al-Qayyoumi, after citing the detention camp, that the administration intentionally admit civil prisoners to the room of the political detainees.

The civil detainees mainly imprisoned for rap or other crimes tried to assault and abuse the detainees several times.

Atzion detention camp is contains 57 detainees, suffering from bad living conditions, bad food and lack of medical care, in addition to the continuous assaults conducted against them by the army.

Several detainees in Kfar Youna detention camp appealed the international and humanitarian organization to help them and transfer them from their solitary imprisonment.

In Asqalan detention camp, detainees said the army attacked their rooms and searched them after claiming that mobile phones were smuggles into the cells.

Army conducted vast searches in the detentions and failed to locate the claimed mobile phones.