A report by Palestine News Network details some of the events of the past week, in which Israeli soldiers killed 17 Palestinians; 16 of them were unarmed civilians, including two children and a resident who suffers mental disability.

The report said Israeli army intensified its military measures in the past week and used different sorts of weapons during several invasions conducted against the Palestinian territories.

On the other hand, the Palestinian center for human rights said that these killings occurred during different invasions conducted against Palestinians cities, villages and refugee camps.

The center added that army intensified its collective punishment against the people by besieging the Palestinians areas, and continuous military operations.

Soldiers during the past week conducted six invasions, especially against Al-Qarara and Beit Hanoun in the Gaza Strip, which witnessed the widest military operations.

Soldiers invaded Al-Qarara and Beit Hanoun, south and north of the Gaza Strip, the wise scaled operation was carried in on June 67, 2004 in Al-Qarara following a huge explosion which targeted a military camp south of Al-Qarara.

Soldiers during the operation in Al-Qarara demolished 21 homes, which hosts 29 families composed in total of 157 residents.

Meanwhile, soldiers also detonated two residential compounds composed of five floors each, in addition to bulldozing 110 Dunums used for agriculture, and destroying the infrastructure and civil institutions which directly affected the lives of the residents in Khan Younis.

Meanwhile, in June 28th, 2004 army invaded Beit Hanoun, and destroyed the main and sub roads in Beit Hanoun in addition to destroying the infrastructure which caused power failure, in addition to destroying water l and phone lines, in addition to isolating Beit Hanoun from the rest of the Gaza Strip.

Two residents were killed, 50 others wounded, and most of them were children, while army is still besieging it until the time of this report.

The invasions resulted in demolishing 18 homes in Khan Younis, Rafah, and Beit Lahia, which made 120 residents homeless, in addition to bulldozing 49 Dunums of Agricultural fields in Rafah and Khan Younis.

Soldiers conducted their operations in several neighborhoods causing the death of three Palestinians in Khan Younis, including two children, and wounded more than 30 others in several other areas.
On the other hand, soldiers targeted several civil and media instantiations in June 26 and 27, 2004, and targeted three industrial workshops in Gaza city and a third one in Al-Maghazi refugee camp, in the center of the Gaza Strip.

Soldiers also shelled a Journalistic office located in a residential compound, in Gaza; the compound also includes several journalistic offices, the shelling caused huge damages in the building and several surrounding buildings in the area.

In the west Bank, soldiers conducted a vast military operation in Nablus which was initiated on Thursday, June, 24, and ended Sunday 26th.

The operation targeted several activists of the resistance, and caused the death of seven activists who were assassinated in a tunnel in the old city of Nablus, in addition to wounding more than twenty residents, some of the injuries were described as critical.

Soldiers also attacked several homes, during searches conducted by the army under claims of searching for “wanted activists”.

In Bethlehem, soldiers demolished June 25, a home which belongs to a detainee from the city; the operation left his seven family members homeless.

On the other hand, army blocked several areas in the Gaza Strip and completely divided the Gaza Strip into three separate parts in June 27th, following a huge bombing which targeted a military camp north of Khan Younis.

Soldiers also intensified siege over the Gaza Strip for the third week.
Borders and Crossing were completely blocked, in addition to a tight siege over Beit Hanoun, north of the Gaza Strip, after bulldozing all main and sub roads leading to it.

In the West Bank, despite the Israeli allegations concerning the ease on restrictions against the movement of goods and people, army continued blocking the roadblocks and continued its procedures against the residents, by restricting their movements, searching and humiliating them, in addition to arresting several residents on the checkpoints.

Meanwhile, concerning the separation Wall, in the west Bank, the construction of the wall in several areas, confiscating more lands and encircling the Palestinian areas.

On Wednesday, June, 30th, the Israeli High Court ruled that soldiers should reroute the wall around Jerusalem, since it causes great losses to Palestinians living around Jerusalem.

The Court also ruled out an appeal which stated that the wall is erected out of political motives and decisions, and approved the construction after shifting its path.