The Israeli Foreign Minister Slivan Shalom is to meet the U.S. national security advisor Condoleezza Rice and Secretary of State Colin Powell in Washington on Friday.

Shalom is expected to discuss moves to promote the unilateral disengagement plan and the Palestinian leaders suggested to handle security issues after the Israeli pullout from Gaza Strip, Mohammed Dahlan or the interior minister-designate, Tayeb Abed Al-Rahim.

In addition to the Iranian Nuclear file, the Egyptian proposal to convene the so called, ‘small quartet’ is on the agenda of the meeting. Egypt submitted a proposal in which Israel, Palestinian Authority, Egypt and the US meet in Washington in October to draft a work plan to resume the Palestinian-Israeli talks and revive the peace process. This meeting might include Europeans as well.

On Shalom’s agenda will likely be Israel’s preparation for the upcoming ruling of the International Court of Justice on the West Bank Separation wall. The World Court is expected to give its advisory non-binding opinion on the legality of the wall by July 9, Israeli sources reported.

It is likely that the court will rule that the construction of the wall in the West Bank is illegal as it is built on an occupied land.

Shalom will be meeting with the new American Ambassador tot the UN, John Danforth who succeeds John Negroponte, who is currently Washington’s new ambassador to Baghdad.