Ahmad Bajes Hajjaj, 27, from Beit Reema, near the West Bank city of Ramallah is suffering from serious physical conditions, especially after he was shot injured during his arrest, and did not receive proper medical treatment.

Hajjaj was arrested on July 17, 2003, and deprived from his visitation rights since then; during his arrest, Abbas was shot injured by four bullets over the knee area, in his left leg.   
Soldiers attacked Hajjaj after he was shot, punched and kicked him in spite of his injuries, until he fainted, then they transferred him to Ofer military camp near Betunia, before transferring him to Hadassah hospital in Jerusalem.
Hajjaj went through several medical operations, including platinum implant in his leg, and remained at the hospital until mid November 2003, then he was transferred to Nafha detention.  
Prior to his injury and arrest, Hajjaj underwent medical checkups, especially for his heart, and discovered that has a heart disease, but did not reveal to his family the health problem or the sort of disease he is suffering from.
Hajjaj and some of his friends were arrested and charged of abducting an Israeli driver; soldiers leveled his home on July, 18, 2003, which is only one day after he was arrested.
His parents said that they only managed to see him during one of his trial sessions, and that he was laming while he was walking since he could not use his left leg properly.