Prison administration in the Negev detention camp rejected to allow representatives of the detainees to visit the new sections of the detention in order to meet with the detainees who were moved there.

The tents in the new sections are surrounded by high walls, which are making the sections similar to big wells; the walls are 10 meters high, 120 detainees were placed in them.
The branches of the Negev detention are completely isolated from each other, surrounded by monitoring towers; crossing between one section to the other needs going through search machines placed on the every gate of the branches.
Prison administration bars the entry of cooling fans, fridges, and any electronic equipment, which makes summer season, one of the toughest seasons especially in the desert climate of the Negev.
The detainees rejected to receive their main meals over the last few days, and threatened to conduct other procedures in the coming days if the administration does not lift the restrictions it imposed over them.