The Israeli police reported that pullout opponents blocked train traffic, for several minutes, near Hadera, north of Tel Aviv, after placing rocks and anti pullout sign on the train tracks.

The blocking of train traffic came only hours after Rabbis called on them to refrain from road-blocking protests.
The Israeli police launched a probe in the events, no arrests were made.
Israeli railways reported that the driver of the train noticed rocks on the train tracks, reported it to the railway management, and decided to continue his journey when he found out that the rocks posed no danger to the passengers, no damage was reported.
Rabbi Mordechai Eliyahu, leader of the National Religious party said some hours before the incident that he rejects road blocking protests and clashes with the police.
“We must protest, but we must also maintains the laws of the Torah”, Rabbi Eliyahu said.
Rabbi Eliyahu added that blocking traffic could bar someone from reaching a hospital in time, or bar home from reaching home in time to conduct religious ceremonies.
Also, Rabbi Eliyahu said that he issued a letter to settlers in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank, expressing his support to them and to what he described as “their struggle against the implementation of the disengagement plan”, saying that disengagement is a “moral injustice”.
‘To our brothers the Yesha settler, to the workers and settlers of our forefathers’ land in – Gush Katif – this is a letter of support, a letter against the moral injustice of evacuating settlements and driving Jews out of their homes – it will never occur,’ Rabbi Eliyahu in the letter.