Settlers of the Alon Shafot settlement outpost, adjacent to Kfar Atzion settlement, south of Bethlehem uprooted hundreds of Olive trees in Khirbit Zakariyya area, in the village of Artas , south of Bethlehem.

A local source in Artas , reported that uprooted grapevines, peach trees, and several vegetables plants in farmlands which belong to Salah Mohammad Shahin, Mohammad Ibrahim Shahin, and Sa’id Ibrahim Shahin.
Salah Shain said that the settlers uprooted 399 trees in their recent attack which followed a series of attacks carried out by the settlers over the last few days, in an attempt to grab the land and annex them to the settlement.
Khirbit Zakariyya, 3000 Dunams in size, and inhibited by 300 residents; the Israeli authorities bar the residents from constructing any facilities on their lands claiming that they are owned by the Israeli government, and require special construction permits.