A soldier was lightly wounded in clashes with a settlers at the Tapuach junction, east of the West Bank settlement of Ariel Friday afternoon.

According to army spokesperson, soldiers spotted a group of settlers hanging anti-disengagement signs on a military roadblock at the junction. Soldiers demanded that the signs be removed, but as settlers refused to put down banners and stop hanging new ones, soldiers ripped the banners from the side of the roadblock.

One settler hit a soldier with a paintbrush and attempted to disarm him. During the scuffle that ensued, the soldier dislocated the bones in his shoulder, according to army spokesperson.   

The settler then escaped in a car headed for the nearby settlement of Tapuach while other settlers blocked the road, to keep an army vehicle from chasing him.

Police combed the settlement, but found the car deserted, and failed to locate the assailant.