{mosimage}Two Palestinian and a Chinese worker were killed last week, when a group of resistance operatives fired a mortar shell at the Gaza Strip settlement of Gani Tal.

The assailants were Palestinians as well were most of the victims. Nothing can point to the Gaza Strip dilemma more than this incident.

One can understand that people living under the absurdity of an ever propagating foreign occupation could resort to arms seeking freedom. Nations’ modern history in third world countries is mainly characterized with the emergence of national liberation movements against the old colonial system, which dominated the world up to the middle of last century.

As the main colonial interests were closely tied to the interests to the colonial state, no attention was paid to the misery caused to occupied nations. Poverty and lack of local development has over history created an odd situation in which occupied nations were fighting for freedom, but at the same time totally dependant on the occupying power in earning their daily livings.

The severity of occupations is more obvious through the control systems, occupiers develop, that touch on every aspect of the occupied’ life in order to increase the occupied level of dependency on occupiers. As a result, the occupied, and in order to survive, were forced to fight each other over the little work opportunities the occupier allowed.

Within this context one can understand the schizophrenic character of occupied nations, where resisting the occupation and enforcing its pillars go together.

The Palestinian situation is one of the severest examples, where the same ones who resist the occupation and exhibit readiness for unlimited sacrifices, are the ones who were forced, by daily living needs, to build Jewish settlements on their own expropriated land, and provide the Israeli economy with a boost by offering themselves in the black labor market.

Looking closely at PA-Israel recent talks, one couldn’t but notice how dependency develops into a political blackmail. By the end of each meeting between Israeli and Palestinian officials, the issue of offering more permits for Palestinian workers to enter Israel is presented by the Israeli side.

Nothing is more humiliating to human dignity than being forced to offer yourself to serve the interests of your occupier.