Saturday at dawn, Israeli soldiers invaded the West Bank city of Hebron and two surrounding villages after surrounding them, and conducted military searches of homes.

A local source in Hebron reported that soldiers broke into dozens of homes and conducted military searches, damage reported.
The source stated that soldiers surrounded al-Harya neighborhood in the city for several hours, and stationed in dozens of homes for several hours.
Also, soldiers installed checkpoints in several roads in the city, stopped dozens of vehicles forcing the residents out and searched them.
In the village of Yatta south of Hebron, soldiers invaded several neighborhoods after surrounding the village, detained and interrogated dozens of residents.  
Soldiers used the homes of Zheir Ali al-Haddar, Ali abu Samra, and Rasmi Hasan Rashid as military posts after breaking into them and occupying their rooftops.
Saed Rashid, the son of Rasmi Rashid, said that soldiers forced the family in one room for seven hours barring them from leaving it.
In the village of Doura, and Bani Neim, soldiers detained and interrogated dozens of residents after invading the two villages.
Also, soldiers closed several streets in the two villages and around them barring the residents from crossing, no arrests.