Saturday morning, Israeli soldiers arrested a resident and his daughter in the village of Atteel, north of the West Bank city of Tulkarem.

A local source in the village reported that soldiers, and military intelligence officers, broke into the home of Jihad al-Saady, and searched it, damage reported.
The source stated that soldiers arrested Jihad and his daughter Hadeel, 16.
Soldiers arrested the father and his daughter after failing to arrest Loay, the son of Jihad, who is wanted to the Israeli security.
Also, soldiers closed several roads leading to Tulkarem, and conducted military searches; dozens of residents were detained and interrogated for several hours.
Ennab, Attara junctions east of Tulkarem, and al-Jaroushiyya junction in the north were partially reopened after the soldiers closed them for several hours, barring the residents from crossing, and interrogated dozens of youth comparing their identity card number with list they have, no arrests.