Palestinian sources said an explosion rocked Al-Shati refugee
camp near Gaza city on Monday afternoon, three Palestinians were
moderately wounded.

The sources said, it is likely that the explosion, which took
place in one of the houses in the camp resulted from a technical error
by one of the Qassam Brigdaes activists, the military wing of Hamas,
while trying to make a bomb.
Bilal Abu Hasnah, 32, who was making the bomb, was seriously
wounded in the explosion and was taken to a Gaza hospital for treatment.
On Sunday, a huge explosion rocked the city of Khan Younis in the
southern Gaza Strip, believed to be in a weapon and ammunition storage,
in Khirbit al-Aqqad area in the city.
The source stated that the explosion was at the house of Omar
Mobashir, member of al-Qassam brigades, the military wing of Hamas.
One resident was moderately injured while fire that broke in the
house and reached some of the neighboring houses causing relative
“Apparently an explosive device detonated at the storage room,
setting the house on fire, and some of the surrounding houses, but we
managed to put the fire away”, member of the civil defense reported.