Farouq Qaddoumi, head of the political bureau of the Palestinian Liberation Organization, PLO, head of the Fatah Central Committee, said that that the position of the Palestinian vice president should be giving to a resident of the occupied territories in not living in exile.

‘This issue is agreed upon, I cant enter the Palestinian territories because I don’t trust Israel, president Arafat died as a result of a conspiracy plotted by Sharon”, Qaddoumi said.
Also, Qaddoumi added that the Fatah central committee in it upcoming meeting in the third quarter of this month, will choose the vice president, “but he should be an accepted figure, approved by the members of the central committee, and he should have are the required expertise or political work”, Qaddoumi added.
Al-Qaddoumi said that he and president Abbas will decide the fate of Palestinian embassies, saying they changes will be carried out including retirements.
The upcoming meeting of Fatah central committee will also discuss issues related to finding solutions for the insecurity in the Palestinian areas, and the political process.