Dr. Mahmoud Al-Asali, head of Kamal Adwan Hospital in Beit Lahia north of the Gaza Strip, said that the number of residents killed in the continuous military operations in the Gaza Strip reached 13 and more than 80 injuries.

Dr. Al-Asali told the “International Journalistic Center” that the Hospital was and still ready to deal with any emergency despite of its limited resources.

Meanwhile, Dr. Al-Asali added that most of the injuries of the residents who were killed were concentrated to the head, Abdomen, and pelvis, meanwhile the injuries of the wounded residents were concentrated to the hand, and legs in addition to some areas in the back.

Dr. Al-Asali said that that the Hospital was at the beginning only a field hospital in order to deal with the situation and increasing number of causalities, then it started to serve the residents of Beit Hanoun district in general.

The Hospital provides basic medical services and includes 57 beds, and is considered relatively small in comparison to the number of residents in the district.

On the other hand, Dr. Al-Asali added that the administration of the Hospital demanded that it should be expanded in order to expand the services provided to the residents, and said that currently there are three floors under construction on an area of 2380s/m, donated by a Palestinian living in Saudi Arabia.

The Hospital contains a professional medical team with wide experience in dealing with similar cases of shelling and gunshot injuries.

Concerning assaults against medical teams, Dr. Al-Asali said that the army continuously targeted the medical teams by firing at them and the ambulances in addition to detaining them or banning them from reaching the wounded residents.

It is worth mentioning that in an incident which occurred recently, army banned an ambulance from reaching a resident who sustained a light injury to his shoulder, but since the medical teams were not able to reach him, he died of his wounds after bleeding severely.

Dr. Al-Asali said that there is an emergency base in the Hospital and that it also cooperates with the “Red Crescent Society”, and the “Relief agency”.