Israeli sources reported that the Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon’s government survived three no-confidence votes in the Knesset proposed by Shinui, Shass and the National Union (Mafdal).

The three motions defeated the government however, stood short from toppling it.  According to the Knesset law, 61 votes in support of a no-confidence vote are needed to topple the government.

Shinui’s no-confidence motion, which was based on the increase of violence in Israel , was supported by 36 MKs and objected by 35, whereas the National Union’s motion was based on the “crisis in the educational system”.  36 voted in favor of the motion, while 34 objected.  Shass’ proposal had the highest vote.  It won 37 to 34 and was focused on the internal violence as well, however more among youth in Israel .

Israeli observers said this is the first time the government looses three motions in the current Knesset.