Palestinian Prime Minister Ahmad Qurei threatened suspend his government if insecurity and chaos resumes in the Palestinian territories.


Qurei told P.A ministers during the weekly session in Ramallah that if the security devices do not perform their duties and control the situation, he will suspend the work of his government.

“We must ensure the security of the residents, this violent situation can’t continue, we have to act against it”, Qurei said.

Following the ministers session, Qurei told reporters that he wants “action” against all sorts of violations, and that he wants to see penalties executed, including capital “punishment against convicted criminals”.

“We have to stop all sorts of violations, some of these violations are carried out by members of the P.A security devices, we just can’t allow this situation to continue”, Qurei said. 

He added that the P.A security devices should act immediately against any person who endangers the security and lives of the Palestinian residents.

The statements of Qurei came following a series of violent incidents in Ramallah, in addition to several West Bank areas, and
Gaza .