Israeli media sources said a shipment of 12 mobile homes arrived in the Nitzanim Dunes site north of the Gaza Strip on pre-dawn hours Thursday, said to serve as temporary housing for the settlers evacuated from the Strip settlements.

‘We saw a convoy of semi-trailers bringing the buildings to the sites prepared for them, then they set up electricity poles,’ Nitzan resident Meir Dahan reportedly said.

The sources said that infrastructure in place on the site has provisions for an additional 450 units.

Israel ’s Prime Minister’s Office Director General Ilan Cohen said 350 of the total are currently on order, the source added.

Environmental activists have shown strong opposition to setting up these houses in this area.  The Megama Yeruka [Green Trend] said at the time that “The state of Israel has established a new permanent settlement, not out of concern for the evacuees, but out of concern for the pockets of contractors and cronies.”

According to the organization, there are many other areas in Israel which could be utilized for temporary housing for the evacuees, without harming the ecology of the largely undeveloped Nitzanim Dunes area.