Wednesday morning, dozens of fighters broke into a vacation home of Palestinian Prime Minister, Ahmad Qorei, in Jericho and fired rounds of live ammunition in the air.

The fighters demanded to be given jobs in the Palestinian security forces.

Qorei wasn’t at home when the fighters broke into it, a security official said on condition of anonymity, the fighters fired in the air, forced their way past the guards, and pushed the door open.  

The gunmen remained at the home for about an hour, and left after P.A security officers persuaded them to leave.

Commenting on the incident, Qorei said that this act is a direct violation of the law, and that the P.A will ‘resolve’ this situation.

Also, Qorei demanded the P.A security to put an end to the chaos practiced by armed groups in the Palestinian areas. 

The statements of Qorei came as he was touring the West Bank city of Nablus.