Israeli Right-wing foes living in the hotel at Neveh Dekalim settlement in Gush Katif on Saturday attacked Palestinians from the adjacent Moassi area, wounding three.

Following the attack, mortar shells were fired at Gush Katif settlement; no reports on damage or injuries.

Palestinian sources said Salah Amtayer, 55, was at the beach when he was beaten by settlers. Two other Palestinians, Mohammad Majaida, 19, and Nasser Wafi, 40, were also attacked when they came to Amtayer’s aid.

Israeli Police source claimed that a settler opened fire on the Palestinians after they threw stones at their attackers.

A Palestinian medical source said Saturday that the three suffered moderate injuries.

A spokesman for the Gaza settlers’ Coast Regional Council described the incident as an ‘act of self defense’

Police so far failed to identify the assailants.