Tuesday morning, Israeli soldiers arrested 25 residents in the West Bank city of Hebron and several surrounding villages and al-Fawwar refugee camp.

A local source in Hebron reported that soldiers, supported by armored military vehicles and jeeps, invaded the villages of Beit Kamil, al-Thaheriyya, Ithna, Surif, Beit Ummar Tafoah, Doura, and al-Fawwar refugee camp.

Soldiers conducted military searches of homes after surrounding the villages and arrested 25 residents; army claims that the arrested residents are wanted by the Israeli security.

A Palestinian security source in Hebron managed to identify five of the arrested residents as, Na’im Salman al-Qawasmi, Hamdi al-Zghiyyar, both from Hebron, Jihad Mohammad al-Asafra, 38, Mahmoud Hasan al-Asafra, 40, Hazim Yosry al-Haimouni, 40, all from Beit Kamil, north west of Hebron.

Also, Israeli soldiers handed several residents military orders to meet with security officers for interrogation.

The residents were identified as Ahmad Hasan Jebril, Yousef Thiab al-Asafra, from Beit Kamil, Waleed Issa al-Battat, from al-Thaheriyya, Mohammad Sa’adi al-Najjar, Mohannad Rohel al-Hmouz, Ahmad Mahmoud al-Khateeb, all from al-Fawwar refugee camp, Nassim al-Lasouss, and Ra’fat Atwan from Doura, Mohammad Awad al-Heeh, from Sorif, Hasan Ali Bader Abu Ayyash, from Beit Ummar, Ala’ Ahmad Zreiqat, from Tafoah, Tal’at Abdullah abu Jarrar, a student of the Hebron University from Jericho, Tareq Nimir al-Batran,  Mohammad Yousef al-Batran, Abdul-Hamid Tareq al-Batran, and Walid Tawfik Awad,

Dozens of families were forced out of their homes for several hours while soldiers conducted military searches, and interrogated the youth.

Ziad Zreiqat, from Tafoah said that soldiers broke into his home to arrest his brother Ala’, and searched it causing damage to the furniture and some electronic equipment. 

Also, soldiers attacked several members of his family during the searches, lightly wounding Montaser, 11 years old, the son of Ziad, and his brothers Mohammad and Mahmoud, 27 and 29 years old.